IWD Promo – Pre+Probiotics Treatment by W.O.W! Wellness (90 Minutes)

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 IWD Promo – Pre+Probiotics Treatment by W.O.W! Wellness (90 Minutes)

  • The skin microbiome is the make-up of all the good and bad bacteria that live on the skin. The more balanced and diverse the skin microbiome is, the stronger is the skin barrier, leading to healthier skin.
  • In W.O.W!, we aspire to help our customers to achieve a healthy and desirable skin condition with this safe and non-invasive treatment.
  • The Pre+Probiotics Treatment from W.O.W! is exclusive and directly imported from South Korea, using the latest R&D which allows the nutrients to be directly absorbed into one’s skin.
  • This treatment comprises a potent blend of probiotics, anti-oxidants, lots of smart peptides and nutrients that is customizable to treat different skin conditions ranging from Oily / Acne Skin, Aging Skin, Dry/Pigmented Skin & Sensitive Skin. 


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