Cashback Main Title

Earn Cashback for Shopping with Tropika Club Deals

At Tropika Club Deals, we constantly reward our customers for shopping with us. In fact, for every purchase you make, you earn cashback points which you can redeem for future purchases! For easy conversion, 1 point = 1 cent. 

  • Purchase a product – Earn up to 5 points (or 5 cents or 5%) for every dollar spent!
  • Sign up for newsletter – Earn 50 points (or 50 cents). 
  • Register an account Earn 500 points (or $5) 
  • On your birthday – Earn 150 points (or $1.50)
  • Write a review for your purchase Earn 20 points (or 20 cents)
  • Accumulate 1000 points – Earn another 80 points (or 80 cents) 

Value of Each Point

Each point is worth 1 cent. Hence, for each purchase, you get to enjoy between 4% to 5% of cashback as rewards.